Seating & Retaining Walls
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Seating & Retaining Walls

Our retaining walls are designed to tackle the distinct erosion control, decorative, and drainage challenges faced by local homeowners.

Our retaining walls are designed to tackle the distinct erosion control, decorative, and drainage challenges faced by local homeowners.

Transforming Properties Through Purposeful Retaining Walls

Seating & Retaining Wall Solutions Designed for Local Homes and Properties

Our retaining wall customization begins by intimately understanding homeowners’ exterior living goals and current property issues through grading studies assessing runoff patterns, soil composition analysis revealing stability weaknesses and exploration of intended functional uses for spaces. We engineer tiered walls with integrated drainage components arresting erosion and flooding threats while adding visual flair through curvilinear alignment and native stone facades increasing usable area for dining patios previously jeopardized by challenging topography constraints. A holistic perspective allows for uniting functionality, resilience and beauty.

Utilizing Natural-Looking and Responsible Materials

The material, style and placement decisions underpinning our specialized retaining walls interweave robust selections engineered to address individual property priorities while remaining mindful of architectural and garden aesthetics for harmonious form. A tiered wall system stabilizing a steep Collegeville terrain can utilize native bluestone and gradual curves reflecting surrounding bed shapes rather than a starkly linear concrete mass. Our structural enhancements align with —rather than overwhelm— the existing landscape personality, increasing overall exterior living value.

To responsibly address slope, erosion, and drainage challenges with custom retaining walls purpose-built for their homes by local experts, homeowners choose WJA Landscaping.

Retaining Wall Inspections and Responsible Maintenance

Our maintenance team regularly checks on the walls we construct to keep them in optimal shape. We monitor for any structural issues, refill drainage gravel, make timely repairs, and enhance lighting. By being proactive, we ensure our custom retaining walls continue to serve their intended purpose year after year, whether that’s preventing erosion, diverting water flows, or providing an attractive backdrop. Homeowners can count on us to uphold the performance and beauty of their personalized walls for decades to come – we stand behind our work. Our experts view maintenance as an indispensable part of quality retaining wall construction.

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